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Up Close and Personal

Comic #405

Author's Comment

You can get closer to a golf touring pro in an actual match easier than pretty much any other pro sport except maybe the Tour de France. That said, most of the time you are one of dozens if not hundreds trying to squeeze into an ideal spot to watch the action up close and personal.

Uploaded by LabBratz at 10:37 on 20 October


Lab Bratz Science Cartoon

Welcome to Lab Bratz, the science comic your lab-mates are reading behind your back while pretending to be doing literature searches on PubMed! We are your home for science humor and laboratory jokes, with the occasional noisy bout of potty humor tossed in for good measure, just like it happens in real life, when you're trying to count spots under the microscope.

Whether you're a mad scientist searching for your next funding opportunity, a frazzled college student struggling through Biology 101 or a sarcastic lab rat trying to find out who moved your cheese, you'll laugh yourself silly over the antics of the Lab Bratz crew. Follow the weekly adventures of the Chang and Ruby labs as they compete to find a comedic cure for life (huh? I guess that would be Death. Let's skip that analogy for now). It's a classic, epic, no; an AWESOME cartoon battle of rich lab vs. poor lab, featuring lab techs on fire for science (often literally), sleep-deprived post-doctoral students pulling all-nighters in front of the coffee maker, and the silliest gaggle of graduate students to ever pirate music off the Internet. In other words, it's geeky science humor at its finest. Or science humour, if we were British. Think of it as our gift to you, the science nerd par excellence.

Life in the lab isn't for everyone. But the Lab Bratz can turn any scientific disaster into a science joke. So if you recognize some of the unusual situations or wacky characters in this web comic and you're wondering if we have a Spycam installed in your laboratory (how else would we know about the epic fail with your unbalanced centrifuge or that time you were lighting your farts like you were a human Bunsen Burner), be warned, we do. It's right above your incubator. No, not that one, the one that always runs out of CO2 over the weekend. We're watching you. And we think YOU'RE funny too. Lab Bratz. Putting the fun in "funding" since 2005.




We're not dead...

Posted 05:11
Fri 01 April
by LabBratz

Sorry for the long delay in getting new episodes of Lab Bratz posted. We're currently unable to upload episodes due to a website problem. We're trying to solve this and we will be back. Thanks for checking in.




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